New lighting products pass quality standards, debut in market

Several new products have passed the Lighting Global quality tests in past months, and will soon be available in African and Asian markets.

az-indigoThe Indigo Duo Solar Home System —a two-lamp home lighting system that can charge mobile phones—met the quality standards. It is manufactured by British company Azuri Technologies, which  uses a pay-as-you-go financing model to help decrease the upfront cost to consumers.


fs-scandlefs-pshs7000Two products manufactured by German-based Fosera —the SCANDLE 200 and Pico Solar Home System 7000—also passed the rigorous Lighting Global quality testing.
The SCANDLE 200 is a task light, while the Pico Solar Home System 7000 is a multi-room system that can run up to four lamps.  Both products have mobile charging capacity and can be expanded according to consumer needs by combining additional lamps in series.

gw_schoolchildrenAnother new light that met the quality standards— the Schoolchildren Lamp —is a reading lamp for students manufactured by Goldenwell , a Taiwan-based company.

tms-sooledb1tms-sooledb3Two other solar lighting products that tested successfully are the Marathoner Beacon MB2-090 /SooLED B1, a one-lamp room light, and the Marathoner Beacon MB2-380/SooLED B3 , a three-lamp home lighting system that can light three rooms simultaneously..

These products are produced by California-based company Marathoner Clean and Lean Power (CLP ), which has a manufacturing subsidiary in China called Toomeen Solar Co., Ltd.

gt-shlsThe Solar Home Lighting System from modular off-grid lighting products manufacturer Global Telelinks also passed Lighting Global quality testing, becoming the third product from the company to meet the quality standards.

sl-led105>Another new product  with mobile charging capability which passed the quality tests is the Solux LED-105  from German manufacturer Solux Service GmbH.  The Solux LED-105 is a light that can be used for both room lighting and task lighting purposes.


minda-2wledThe LED Lantern 2W , from the Indian renewable energy company Minda NexGen Tech Ltd , also passed the rigorous Lighting Global quality tests and will be first marketed in rural India.

This will be carried out in partnership with IFC’s Lighting Asia/India program , which aims to provide sustainable lighting to more than one million people in 1,500 villages in India by 2016.