More Solar Lanterns Pass Lighting Global Quality Tests

Three new solar charged off-grid lighting products passed Lighting Global Minimum Quality Standards, increasing product choice at various pricing levels.


BrightBox_3One is the BrightBox 2 is a multi-room solar lighting system produced byOne Degree Solar, a for-profit social enterprise that designs, manufactures and distributes micro-solar products to improve access to clean energy.


The BrightBox 2 can charge mobile phones, radios and other devices with USB ports, and comes with two replaceable LED bulbs and long extension cables.


ECCODivaThe second is the ECCODiva 118, a versatile lantern with four brightness settings developed by ECCO Electronics Pvt. Ltd, an Indian company developing affordable, environmentally friendly products.


The ECCODiva 118 is a portable versatile lighting product with mobile phone charging capacity that can be used a portable task light, a desk or reading light, or can be mounted to a wall or hung from a ceiling to provide room lighting.


little_sunThe third product is the Little Sun is a small, portable light with an integrated solar module for charging the product’s battery. It can be used as a hand-held task light, or the customer can hang the product with the included cord in order to provide ambient lighting.


It is developed by Little Sun, a social business out to provide sustainable lighting to off-grid communities.


To date, a total of 49 modern off-grid lights have undergone quality-testing and passed, and available to families and communities without access to electricity