More products pass quality tests expanding consumer choice

Six products have passed both Lighting Africa Minimum Quality Standards and the Recommended Performance Targets in recent months providing consumers with more choice in the rapidly growing off-grid lighting market in Africa.

These are three next generation solar lamps and lighting systems from Barefoot Power, two new solar lighting products from Global Telelinks, and one product from a new company Shanghai Roy.

Shanghai Roy debuts with a Solar Lighting Kit comprising a solar lamp, panel and battery pack with mobile charging capability.

Global Telelinks products are the portable Arundhati Home Light and the 3W ceiling lantern, which also provides mobile phone charging.

Barefoot Power three products are a new Firefly Mobile LED desk lamp, including a glare reducing lens and mobile phone charger and two solar home lighting systems that can both charge mobile phones; the PowaPack Junior 2.5W which powers two lamps, and the PowaPack 5W which powers four lamps, and can run a small four battery radio.