Minor updates to the Quality Standards

The Lighting Global Quality Assurance team has made some additional updates to the Quality Standards.  These updates do not represent a change in Lighting Global practices, but are only meant to clarify existing policy. The revised version of the Standards is available here and the updates are described below.

  1. Clarified that the cable between the solar module and the battery (or the product housing that contains the battery) must be at least 3 m long to qualify as a “separate” or “fixed indoor” product.
  2. Publicized that numeric values of truth-in-advertising aspects, such as light output and run time, must deviate no more than 15% from advertised ratings (though it is always acceptable if actual performance is better than advertised).
  3. Provided the default battery deep discharge and overcharge protection values that are used when determining appropriate charge controller behavior, unless alternate appropriate design values are provided by the battery manufacturer for the deep discharge protection voltage cutoff, overcharge protection voltage cutoff or maximum cell temperature.
  4. Clarified that the fail rate for each category of the visual inspection is one out of six samples.