LuminaNET: Join the new global off-grid knowledge sharing network

The Lumina Project in November launched LuminaNET, a global social network for the off-grid lighting community to share knowledge, discuss emerging technologies and business models and to draw on each other’s expertise to solve problems related to their work in clean energy.

LuminaNET has already attracted more than 150 members from 28 countries. Members include field technicians, manufacturers and distributors of clean lighting products, investors, researchers, and non-governmental organizations and foundations.

The off-grid online network allows members to post quick notes, photos and videos, as well as to blog. It also features a calendar of events.
Additionally, every member has their own homepage, which consolidates their content and comments.

Recent discussions include challenges and insights on “last mile” product distribution, crowd-funding of startup companies, carbon credits and novel ways of gathering feedback on off-grid lighting products from end users.

The Lumina Project, an initiative of the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, provides industry, consumers, and policymakers with timely information and analysis on off-grid lighting solutions for developing countries.