Lighting Global Quality Assurance Roadmap

The Lighting Global team has just published a new document that outlines the existing framework and future goals of the Quality Assurance program. In addition to describing the history and motivation of the QA program, this “quality assurance roadmap” document also identifies current challenges and actions the program is taking to address these challenges in the ongoing effort to improve the QA program and meet the needs of a changing market. We encourage you to read the document and provide us with feedback.
If you would like to share your comments, please write to We also anticipate discussing the challenges identified in the document and associated measures to address them during teleconferences and events over the coming few months, including an upcoming workshop on quality assurance in Germany in early April that will be hosted by the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA).
We value input from stakeholders across the supply chain, and we look forward to continued engagement as we work to fulfill our mission of quality assured clean energy systems for off-grid applications.