Lighting Global Introducing An Upgraded Site In Chinese Language

By Lighting Global Communications
Over the past decade, Lighting Global has played  a central role in creating the quality-driven modern off-grid markets across Africa and Asia. Providing both market intelligence and technical assistance to the private sector, the program has cumulatively empowered more than 180 products that meet Lighting Global Quality Standards. We have helped more than 60 manufacturers to grow their quality competitiveness and business development in target markets. 
As the program continues to engage the sector growth, Lighting Global is introducing an upgraded site in Chinese language in an effort to better support Chinese manufacturers, distributors, technical and financial institutions, and universities. 
The new site lives under Lighting Global’s official website and will be updated regularly to offer news and insights from the off-grid solar sector. While all critical components of Lighting Global and its Quality Assurance program can be accessed, the site also incorporates resources prioritizing technical updates and business development opportunities including training, funding and project tenders. 
The new site is live now, please visit To stay up to date on Lighting Global news, events and reports, subscribe to the Lighting Global China newsletter or contact the Lighting Global team at


文 | 点亮全球传播团队
随着点亮全球项目持续推动行业增长,为更好地为中国制造商、分销商、技术与金融机构和高等院校提供支持,“点亮全球” 官方网站升级,推出了正式中文版。