Lighting Global at Zambia’s Decentralized Renewable Energy Days Conference

On April 11-12, 2024, Lighting Global’s REACH partnership provided support to Zambia’s Decentralized Renewable Energy Days conference in Lusaka. The conference was opened by the Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Hon. Makozo Chikote, representing the Minister of Energy, Hon. Peter Kapala. The sessions held during the two days were themed around partnering to deliver on Zambia’s energy ambitions in an integrated approach.

To advance this goal, REACH partners, including Lighting Global’s Naomi Kioi, organized 2-panel discussions that explored challenges and opportunities for investment in Zambia’s DRE Sector. The first session highlighted the private sector perspective, including challenges companies face when seeking to raise funds. The second session focused on investors’ experiences, helping public funders design innovative de-risking mechanisms that catalyze debt and equity investments in Zambia’s off-grid solar sector.