Lighting Asia/India Launches Partnerships to Boost Quality Solar Lighting Products in Rural India

Dharma Life, an initiative of Gajam India Private Limited that works with manufacturers, state-level distributors and local retailers to build a sustainable value chain to make affordable social-impact products available to their network of rural entrepreneurs, has signed an agreement with the Lighting Asia/India Program. The partnership will focus on boosting distribution of quality-assured lighting products through its network of entrepreneurs in Bihar, Odisha, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.
In addition, Frontier Markets, a rural marketing, sales, and service distribution company providing access to affordable and quality solar energy based lighting solutions to low-income households in Rajasthan, India, also signed an agreement with the Lighting Asia/India Program to build the capacity of Frontier Markets’ women entrepreneur network (Solar Sahelis) to boost distribution of quality-assured lighting products. The partnership also builds capacity for the company’s market strategy for scaling up their business.
Lighting Asia/India is an IFC program aimed at increasing access to clean, affordable energy in rural India by promoting modern off-grid lighting products, and solar home systems. The program works with the private sector to remove market entry barriers, provide market intelligence, foster B2B/market linkages and raise consumer awareness on modern lighting options.
For more information, visit Lighting India or contact Anjali Garg, Program Manager for Lighting Asia/India at