LED Lights and Eye Safety

Lighting Global has published the second issue of the new Eco Design Notes titled “LED Lights and Eye Safety“.

The Note focuses on eye safety issues related to Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) which are now widely used in many lighting products, including portable, off-grid lanterns.

The Note answers questions such as: Are off-grid LED lights bright enough to pose a risk to adults or children who use them? Can reading in the dim light provided by some LED lights be harmful for children doing homework? Does the bluish light provided by many such lights cause harm, or disturb the sleeping patterns of people who use them?

The Note strives to answer these questions using findings from independent test undertaken on a variety of modern, off-grid lighting products currently on the market.

The Lighting Global Eco Design Notes series focuses on health and safety issues, and is intended for a general audience including consumers, distributors, and manufacturers.

The first Note in this series was published last September; it examined battery toxicity and its implications for the design of sustainable off-grid lights.

Lighting Global remains committed to addressing relevant consumer and industry concerns. Topics may be suggested at any time by emailing: research@lighitngafrica.org.