Global Off-Grid Lighting Stakeholders Association

Kick-off meeting of the Global Off-grid Lighting Stakeholders Association

Twelve international companies congregated in New Delhi, India, in February to attend the Global Off-Grid Lighting Stakeholders Association’s kick-off meeting. The meeting marked the beginning of a united industry voice dedicated to advance and develop clean off-grid lighting solutions for developing countries. All companies involved at the meeting signed a Memorandum of Understanding that could form the basis to set up the Association.

The signatories’ primary intention is to support and promote the sustainable development of clean off-grid lighting solutions in developing nations, enabling economic, ecological, and social benefits for all stakeholders. They also seek to address climate change by mitigating emissions of greenhouse gasses.  The Memorandum of Understanding  builds on the Green Paper / Letter of Intent to Create an International Off-Grid Lighting Stakeholder Association initially signed by 24 organizations in Nairobi, Kenya on May 18, 2010, during the Lighting Africa International Conference and Trade Fair.
The Association is an important first step in moving the Lighting Africa program towards a self-sustaining operation, and provides an exit strategy for the World Bank Group, which has served to jumpstart the off-grid lighting industry and marketplace.

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