Fraunhofer develops new PV performance charts

Manufacturers of solar panels can now compare the performance of their solar cells with other cell types by using new “Fraunhofer ISE PV-Charts”. The charts will rank solar cells according to their efficiency and provide information from the manufacturer on the different cell technologies.

The envisioned objective of the PV-Charts is to compile a comprehensive list of all types of solar cells for comparison. This list will keep up with the newest technologies, with a continually expanding collection of benchmarks.

“Over and above the cell efficiency, Fraunhofer ISE PV-Charts also will present an overview on the different cell designs that are used in the solar cell production by the various manufacturers,” says Dr. Stefan Glunz, Division Director Silicon Solar Cells – Development and Characterization at Fraunhofer ISE.

Fraunhofer calls upon manufacturers to input the results of their high-performing solar cells using a template available at

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