Building retailer product knowledge in Liberia

Lighting Africa conducted a three-day technical training workshop for retailers of modern off-grid lighting products in Liberia last month as the country prepared to receive its first batch of quality assured lighting products.

The workshop, which also had representatives from the countrys Rural and Renewal Energy Agency, equipped participants with basic technical knowledge on modern solar lamps.

Upon completion of the training, the participants were able to address most technical issues that will arise, forestalling consumer complaints, said Christopher Carlsen of Lighting Africas Quality Assurance Team.The retailer would, in turn, be able to train their staff on how to properly handle these products and troubleshoot arising problems.

The training equipped participants with the skills and knowledge to evaluate new off-grid lighting products, to properly store and maintain the merchandise, and troubleshoot typical problems that may be encountered when conducting after-sales service.

The retailer training is part of Lighting Africas support to Liberias efforts to spur market development and use of renewable energy in rural areas through a World Bank-funded program dubbed Lighting Lives in Liberia.

The program, launched in February, is expected to benefit 100,000 households by accelerating the commercial development and supply of modern, renewable energy products and services.