Barefoot Power Releases Fifth Solar Lighting Product

Barefoot's latest lantern, the Go 250
Barefoot’s latest lantern, the Go 250
Barefoot Power has released its fifth product, the Go 250, which is a portable solar lantern that can be used for task lighting or room lighting.
With the release of the Go 250 , Barefoot Power now has a range of five products which meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards.
The Go 250 is a bright light that also offers mobile phone charging. It has three brightness settings that allow the user to manage battery life. After a full day of charging in the sun, the product can run for over five hours on its “ultra-bright” setting, and eleven hours on its standard “bright” setting.
The Go 250 adds to the selection of quality-verified options in Barefoot Power’s  product range, which include the Firefly Mini, the Firefly Mobile , the PowaPack Junior, and the Connect 600.