Request for Expression of Interest to identify organizations to run an Off-Grid Energy Products Certification Body

Lighting Global and its sister programs, Lighting Africa, Lighting Asia, and Lighting Pacific, have jointly developed the leading international framework for product quality assurance for the global off-grid solar industry. The program, which currently provides quality assurance services for pico-solar systems and other similar off-grid lighting products and is working to expand coverage to solar home system (SHS) kits, has enabled sales of over 10 million quality assured off-grid solar products in African and Asian markets. Now that the market is taking off, the World Bank Group (WBG) is seeking partners that can carry the quality assurance work forward on a sustainable basis.
The purpose of this Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) is, therefore, to identify organizations interested in playing a leading role to build and run an Off-Grid Energy Products Certification Body.
Respondents are strongly encouraged to also review two supporting documents that provide useful background information and analysis:

  • Lighting Global Quality Assurance Roadmap: This document provides an overview of the existing Lighting Global Quality Assurance program, a summary of key challenges identified, and measures that have been or are being taken to address those challenges. This report is available on the Lighting Global website at this link.
  • Report titled “Analysis of the Potential Future of the Lighting Global Quality Assurance Program.” This report was prepared by Navigant Consulting with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy through the Global LEAP initiative and is available at this link.

In response to this REOI, organizations may apply in association with others or alone. Interested organizations will be short-listed if they demonstrate the capability, commitment, and vision to create a self-sustaining, long-term and high-impact programthat leverages the assets developed through the Lighting Global program to date. Short-listed entities will subsequently be invited to present more detailed proposals, including a detailed business plan.
Interested parties should review the REOI, QA Roadmap document and the Navigant report prior to submitting a response. Responses should be submitted by Friday, October 12, 2015. All correspondence related to this REOI should be sent to