ASSOCIATE SPOTLIGHT | Chinese Company Shenzhen LEMI Breaks Into New Markets

By Mei Wan
Lighting Global Communications 

Ethiopia – two young students studying under the light of Lemi off-grid solar home system.
Photo credit: LEMI

In the Lighting Global  Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report 2020, a key enabler in the projected growth of the off-grid solar market is the production and distribution of Chinese-made higher-quality, self-branded products.
Lighting Global Associate, Shenzhen LEMI is one of the more recent Chinese manufacturers to pass their branded Solar Home Systems through Lighting Global’s Quality Verification process, and they are increasingly becoming an important player in the global off-grid game.
Built on over 15 years of off grid solar manufacturing expertise, LEMI works to empower low-income populations, allowing them to improve their livelihoods through clean and affordable solar energy access. Shortly after meeting Lighting Global Quality Standards in 2018, LEMI was able to tap into IFC’s resources and accelerate market growth while continuing solar technology innovation. New to African markets at the time, LEMI moved swiftly to leverage Lighting Global’s existing networks, build new connections, and seek business development opportunities in local markets to distribute their products.
“With the help of Lighting Global’s decade-long impact in the market, LEMI was able to hold successful promotional events for our quality verified products in Ethiopia and Nigeria,” explains Monica Liang, Project Director of LEMI. “There were 25 local media outlets at our events, making our new brand known as a new and credible player in Africa. Since then, we have imported and distributed our products in these two countries,” she added.
Lighting Global supports associate companies to expand high quality solar products into nascent markets to protect new consumers who are unfamiliar with these products. Salman Zahir, with the Lighting Global program explains that “These safe-measures are in place to protect consumers from poor functioning and fraudulent products.” IFC provides its associates with access to market intelligence reports, customized industry analytics and data tools, B2B linkages, alerts on market opportunities and general business development support.
“Lighting Global is a comprehensive and ecosystem enabler that brings together all stakeholders – from end users, distributors, manufacturers, and  investors to the same table,” said Feng Xie, CEO of LEMI. “The program helped connect LEMI to local partners in different markets, which saved us resources and removed the barriers in these new markets.”
Driven by quality and innovation, LEMI has continued to build extensive market experience. LEMI’s products have been sold to over 30 countries worldwide with sales in excess of 518,000 units, providing reliable energy supply for 5.6 million people with a total of 260,000 MWh electricity generation capacity.
“LEMI products have proven to be reliable and durable in our market. From rural to peri-urban and urban residents, our customers have shared their satisfaction with us and continue to refer us to others ,”said Ayo Ademilua, LEMI’s African distribution partner. With a wide range of off-grid solar home systems and appliances, LEMI continues to make life-changing impacts for their end-users which include farmers, small business owners, rural villagers, young students, household women and conflict-affected refugees who face energy disability in vulnerable regions.
“We are counting on more manufacturers like LEMI to actively participate in this sector. Our role is to lower market barriers for Chinese manufacturers and create the necessary  private sector connections to accelerate market growth and bring affordable modern off-grid energy solutions to consumers, and ultimately meet universal energy access goals by 2030,” said Zahir.
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聚焦合作企业 | 中国深圳市雷铭科技公司打入新市场

文/点亮全球项目顾问 万梅


点亮全球的合作企业——深圳市雷铭科技发展有限公司(Shenzhen Lemi Technology Development Co.,LTD,以下简称“雷铭”) 是近来以自主品牌家用太阳能系统通过点亮全球质量认证的中国制造商之一,正逐渐成为全球离网行业当中一个重要参与者。
“借助点亮全球长达十年的市场影响力,雷铭得以在埃塞俄比亚和尼日利亚成功举办推广活动,为我们通过质量认证的产品造势。” 雷铭的项目总监梁媛媛如是说。她随后补充:“25家当地媒体对我们的推广活动进行宣传报道,使非洲人民了解到我们这个新品牌是一个可信赖的新选择。自那以后,我们便开始在这两个国家成功引入和分销我们的产品。”
点亮全球支持合作企业向新兴市场推广高质量的太阳能产品,以保护尚不熟悉这类产品的新消费者。点亮全球项目的Salman Zahir解释说,“这些安全措施及时地保护了消费者,使他们免受伪劣产品的侵害。”国际金融公司为其合作企业提供市场分析报告、定制行业分析和数据工具、B2B链接、市场机会预警和综合业务发展的支持。
“点亮全球项目是一个生态系统的全面推动者,它将利益相关各方——终端用户、分销商、制造商和投资者集聚形成网络,” 雷铭的首席执行官谢峰说道,“这个项目帮助雷铭和不同市场的合作伙伴建立了联系,为我们节约了资源,打破了这些新市场的壁垒。”
“雷铭的产品已经被市场证明是可靠又耐用的产品。从农村到城郊再到城镇的居民,顾客向我们反馈对产品的认可,并不断向他人推荐。” 雷铭的非洲分销伙伴Ayo Ademilua说道。雷铭凭借一系列离网太阳能家用系统和电器产品,为那些终端用户带去了改变生活的巨大影响,用户涵盖农户、小企业主、农村村民、学生、家庭妇女和那些脆弱地区面临着能源短缺问题,受到地区冲突影响的难民。