A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Solar Lights Quality-Verified

Lighting Global has developed a step-by-step guide to the process and options for quality verification of modern solar lighting products in accordance with the IEC Technical Specification 62257-9-5.
The step-by-step guide is presented in the form of an easy-to-follow flow chart that provides details for the entire quality verification process – from initial engagement with the Quality Assurance Team, through the testing process, to the benefits received by meeting the Quality Standards.
Lighting Global uses three tests in verifying product quality: the quick Initial Screening Method (ISM), the comprehensive Quality Test Method (QTM), and the Market Check Method (MCM). The step-by-step guide explains the procedure and timeline for arranging each type of test, as well as providing links to important references.
Lighting Global undertakes the quality verification work through a global network of laboratories in Africa, Asia, Europe and the America. It also offers clients the flexibility to test products using independent accredited labs.
The online step-by-step guide provides a comprehensive set of documents and policies related to product testing, including the latest version of the Lighting Global Quality Standards. The guide’s resources explain important aspects of the quality verification process, including the procedure, logistics and costs of product quality testing, how product sampling is done for testing, how results are communicated, as well as standard specification sheets and verification letters. In short, the new step-by-step guide is your consolidated reference for understanding the ins and outs of the Lighting Global Quality Assurance Program.
Lighting Global supports the development of sustainable markets for modern, off-grid lighting products designed for low-income un-electrified communities by, among other activities, developing a quality assurance framework for the industry, and helping uphold industry quality standards through product quality verification.