If you manufacture off-grid solar energy systems, there are many reasons to join the more than 50 companies who have had their products quality-verified by Lighting Global. Here are just a few:

  • Get access to Lighting Global Associate Services, available exclusively to companies with Lighting Global quality-verified products.
  • Signal to investors that your company is committed to quality. A number of institutions that invest in the off-grid solar sector consider quality verification in their due diligence process.
  • Gain entry for your products to markets in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania, where Lighting Global quality verification and associated laboratory test reports can be used to demonstrate compliance with national standards. These are examples of a growing number of governments which are introducing minimum quality standards.
  • Bring your products to the attention of professional buyers. Many distributors, microfinance institutions, and other companies around the world are looking for quality-verified products to offer to their customers.
  • Qualify your products for bulk procurements, results-based financing schemes, working capital facilities, and other programs funded by governments and development partners such as the World Bank, Energising Development (EnDev), The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), and SNV Netherlands Development Organization.
  • Get your products listed on the Lighting Global products page. Each public listing includes an official verification letter and standardized specification sheet that clearly communicates your products’ key attributes to interested buyers.
  • Have confidence that your products are tested correctly and test reports are accurate. Our team of experts oversees the development of test plans, answers questions from the laboratories, and reviews every test report before it is delivered to you.
  • Learn how your products compare to your competitors’ products. For each product that meets the quality standards, we provide a confidential benchmarking analysis that compares your product to other quality-verified products along a number of dimensions.
  • Get help bringing your products into compliance with the quality standards. If your product does not meet one or more of the quality standards, we will identify the reasons for failure, give you tailored guidance on how to bring your product into compliance, and work with you to retest and reevaluate the product.


These prices do not include product testing fees, which are determined by independent testing laboratories. Manufacturers who wish to have their products tested must contract with an approved laboratory for testing services.

Administrative Fees Invoicing $50
Category Service Fee (USD)
Quality Verification Services* Market Entry Testing (QTM) $1000
Renewal Testing and Retesting $500
Accelerated Verification Method (AVM) Up to $6000
Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) coordination $500
Penalty for failure to correct conditional pass $2000

Other Services
Co-branding (per additional product or product family) $400
Additional product sampling (per event), could vary by location $500
Initial Screening Method (ISM) report review and evaluation $500

* Quality verification services include designing a test plan, reviewing packaging and user manuals prior to testing, coordinating random sampling, overseeing testing, reviewing the test report, and if the product meets Lighting Global Quality Standards, creating a Verification Letter, Standardized Specification Sheet, and a listing for the product on the Lighting Global website. Product testing is not included.

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