Webinar Slides | Quality Assurance for Modern Solar Solutions: Q&A with VeraSol

Webinar Slides

VeraSol builds upon the strong foundation laid by Lighting Global. The program offers the same quality assurance services previously offered by Lighting Global Quality Assurance. To better serve consumers, companies, and markets, the VeraSol now encompasses technical foundations for appliances and hopes to expand quality assurance services for these products in the coming years.
Slides from Quality Assurance for Modern Solar Solutions: Q&A with VeraSol webinar hosted on January 21st 2021 by Lighting Global and VeraSol teams, the webinar introduces VeraSol, how certifying your solar energy kit with VeraSol can help companies gain access to new markets and business opportunities, and how to prepare product for testing.
VeraSol 建立在点亮全球质量保证奠定的坚实基础之上,将继续为全球离网太阳能行业提供质量保证服务。为更好地服务于消费者、企业和市场,VeraSol 的认证范围涵盖离网电器,并计划在未来几年扩大这些产品的质量保证服务。
该份演示文件是点亮全球和 VeraSol 团队于2021年1月21日举行的《现代离网太阳能产品质量保证体系:VeraSol 认证问答》网络研讨会的演讲演示文件,本次研讨会深入介绍了 VeraSol,如何通过 VeraSol 认证帮助企业和太阳能套件获得新的市场和商业机会,以及如何为测试进行产品准备。

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