Webinar Slides | Energy Access in Humanitarian Settings

Webinar Slides

Today, there are over 80 million forcibly displaced people (FDPs) globally due to conflict, and complex global challenges. Efficient and economic power supply plays a fundamental role in providing basic energy access for the most vulnerable, as well as stabilizing a well-functioning infrastructure system in FDP camps. The need for innovative energy solutions to support aid actions is prominent.
In the Energy Access in Humanitarian Settings webinar held on March 23rd, development experts from Lighting Global and UNITAR teams presented examples of off-grid solar solutions deployed in aid situations, international organizations who are leading procurement and deployment activities, and how can solutions providers access these procurement opportunities.

本月23日,在 点亮全球 举办的国际人道救援中的离网能源解决方案的网络研讨会上,来自点亮全球和联合国训练研究所 UNITAR 的业务发展专家深入介绍了当今国际人道援助中,部署离网太阳能解决方案的案例,目前主导流离失所者难民社区能源采购和部署的国际组织,以及解决方案供应商如何参与这些采购机会。

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