Test Laboratory Application Instructions

Version 5

IEC/TS 62257-9-5 is the official test methods document for Lighting Global. Now that the Lighting Global test methods are published as an international technical specification, test laboratories that are not currently part of the Lighting Global network can apply to provide product-testing services to off-grid lighting manufacturers according to the Lighting Global test methods. However, results from a particular test laboratory will not be accepted as valid unless the laboratory has been pre-approved by the Lighting Global program and has signed a cooperation agreement with Lighting Global that specifies the nature of the relationship between the lab and the program.

This document provides information on the Lighting Global Test Laboratory Application; this application is one of the key requirements for test laboratories to complete before they may become approved to provide test results for use by the Lighting Global program. The other requirements for producing valid test results are explained in a related policy: Lighting Global Product Testing and Laboratory Eligibility Policy

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