Time Estimate: Variable, but at least 2-4 weeks

What is an Associate?

An Associate is an IFC client (product developer, manufacturer or distributor) committed to bringing to market high quality, affordable solar lighting products for families without access to grid electricity. Associates work hand-in-hand with Lighting Global and the regional programs, Lighting AfricaLighting Asia and Lighting Pacific, to develop markets for clean lighting products, contributing towards the goal of making sustainable energy a reality for all by 2030.

Who qualifies to become an Associate?

Companies with at least one product that meets the Lighting Global Quality Standards may apply to become Associates. Companies are accepted as Associates (IFC lighting and energy services clients) once they have met our integrity due diligence requirements and agreed to abide by our social and environmental safeguards. To learn more, send an inquiry to our business development team.

What is the process of becoming an Associate?

  1. Submit a product for testing, and when the product meets the Lighting Global Quality Standards, your company is invited to apply to become an Associate.
  2. The Client will undergo business screening which includes a Business Integrity Review in which the company, its directors and shareholders must satisfy an Integrity Due Diligence evaluation.

Note: Clients may be required to submit additional documentation to assist in the business screening process. This may involve providing information on a company’s business model, business plan, and distribution partners to inform us on how best to provide and structure our business development support services.

How is the Associate Status formalized?

A signed agreement between the client and program (Lighting Global and/or Lighting Africa, Lighting Asia or Lighting Pacific) formalizes the engagement once the client satisfies these requirements. This agreement details all of the free global and the fee-based country-level services that the program will provide to the client, and outlines the terms and conditions under which they are provided.

The program reserves the right to disengage from a relationship with any client following suspected breach of the terms under which Associate Services are provided.

What are the Associate Benefits?

The following document describes the benefits of being an Associate with the Lighting Global, Lighting Africa, Lighting Asia and Lighting Pacific regional programs.

The Associate Service Offering