Lighting Global maintains a set of policies that govern how the program is implemented. These describe what is expected of companies who participate in the program and what they can expect from the quality assurance team. The policies cover the entire quality assurance program ranging from sampling for testing to guidance on renewing a product’s quality-verified status.

To respond to changes in the market and needs of the program, these policies are updated on occasion. To view these policies in order of their publication date, visit the Resources page.

AC Charger Safety Approval Policy

Accelerated Verification Method Policy

Co-Branding Policy

Communications and Branding Guidelines

Conditional Pass Policy

Framework for Testing Component Families

Integrated Water Protection Assessment

Intellectual Property Policy for Product Testing

Lighting Global Standardized Specification Sheet Guidelines

Lighting Global Test Methods for Ingress Protection for PV Modules

Market Check Testing Policy

Non-Plug-and-Play Terminals Policy

Outdoor Cable Policy

Performance Reporting Requirements

Policy for Renewing Test Results

Product Sampling Policy

Product Support Expiration Policy

Product Testing and Laboratory Eligibility Policy

Quality Assurance for Off-Grid Solar Powered Lights

Quality Assurance for Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Energy Systems

Standardized Specification Sheet Description

Testing Similar Products Policy