The off-grid solar energy market is characterized by products with varying levels of quality and durability. Some are designed and manufactured well, while others fall short of expectations for safety, durability, and performance. By focusing on quality, purchasers, program administrators, investors, government officials, and other procurers of solar energy systems can help build a competitive global market where high-performing products are the default option.

The Lighting Global Quality Standards and quality verification process form the internationally-recognized baseline for product quality and integrity that all market actors can trust. The Quality Standards define minimum requirements for quality, durability, and truth in advertising to protect consumers. The Lighting Global quality verification process confirms whether a product meets the standards.

By making the choice to select or prioritize Lighting Global quality-verified products, you can:

  • Increase the impact and cost-effectiveness of market development programs by aligning with widely recognized international standards. The quality standards are built upon widely accepted IEC test methods and backed by a global network of labs capable of testing to these methods.
  • Be confident that products will perform as advertised and meet consumers’ expectations for performance, durability, and safety. All quality-verified products have been rigorously tested and evaluated against the quality standards and must include a consumer-facing warranty. Additional market check testing helps ensure that products on the market continue to meet the standards.
  • Reduce the risk of consumer dissatisfaction and the cost of providing warranty service. Quality-verified products must meet minimum requirements for quality, durability, and truth-in-advertising, reducing confusion and increasing the chance that consumers will have a positive experience with their product.
  • Facilitate the due diligence process by quickly and easily identifying suppliers of high-quality products. There are more than 150 quality-verified products currently listed on the Lighting Global products page. Our standardized product specification sheets make product comparisons quick and easy.
  • Reduce the risk of products being delayed at port of entry due to challenges demonstrating compliance with national standards. Quality-verified products receive a verification letter that can be used to help demonstrate compliance with IEC standards and facilitate importation into certain countries.

The following documents contain a wealth of information on the quality assurance program, the standards, and how you can leverage the quality assurance framework in your business decisions, program designs, or policies:

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