Procurement of Stand-alone Solar Kits for Humanitarian Aid

This Technical Note provides guidance on procuring pico-solar and solar home system (SHS) kits for humanitarian aid. It presents the relevance of the Lighting Global Quality Standards, key procurement considerations, and a step-by-step procurement guide.

Quality Matters

In 2017, Lighting Global tested 17 top-selling, non-quality verified solar products from retail stores in Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, and Tanzania. All 17 products failed to meet Lighting Global Quality Assurance (QA) standards for pico-PV products, which test for energy efficiency, product durability, and other factors important to off-grid consumer experience. Results indicate that non-quality … Read More

Human Health: LED Lighting, Insects, and Wavelength

This article examines the issue of insects attracted to lights in the nighttime environment and the risk to people from insects carrying diseases. A review of the current understanding is given, along with possible ways to reduce attraction, in the context of LEDs used in off-grid lighting products.  

Benefits of Harmonizing Test Methods and Quality Standards

As the worldwide demand for pico-PV products increases, internationally harmonized quality standards support sustainable market growth and ensure that consumers have access to reliable off-grid energy services. Lighting Global has established the most widely recognized and robust quality assurance framework for pico-PV products in the world, which is well positioned to serve as the foundation … Read More

USB Smartphone and Battery Charging

This Technical Note discusses USB charge port specifications and how they apply to renewable energy products. It is intended as an introduction and resource for manufacturers and other industry stakeholders on the history and application of complex USB technical standards as they pertain to mobile device battery charging.

Battery Testing for Off-grid Solar Products

This Technical Note discusses battery testing of off-grid solar products seeking to meet Lighting Global’s Quality Standards. It gives an overview of battery failure issues and provides justification for the tests chosen by Lighting Global to evaluate battery performance and durability.  

Integrating Sphere Measurement Part III: Equipment

This Technical Note is Part III in a three-part series examining the proper maintenance and use of integrating sphere light measurement systems. This third Note focuses on low-cost equipment that can be used to accurately measure the light output of small LED-based lighting systems.

Integrating Sphere Measurement Part II – Calibration

This Technical Note is Part II in a three-part series examining the proper maintenance and use of integrating sphere light measurement systems. This second Note covers calibrations and auxiliary measurements details necessary to achieve technically valid results with an integrating sphere system.