Accelerated Verification Method Policy

Lighting Global has developed a new, faster framework for product quality verification. This Accelerated Verification Method (AVM) is an optional alternative quality verification pathway that is faster than the standard Quality Test Method (QTM) Testing pathway. Verification of products through the AVM includes three elements: 1) Eligibility based on the manufacturer’s strong history of success … Read More

Intellectual Property Policy for Product Testing

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) operates a portfolio of programs to support the development of off grid lighting markets, including Lighting Africa (jointly implemented with the World Bank) and Lighting Asia. In undertaking these market development programs, IFC conducts quality assurance activities that include designating products as Lighting Global quality assured, thus qualifying these products … Read More

Quality Assurance for Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Energy Systems

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) enabled solar home systems and pico-solar products are rapidly expanding in market share, using new approaches to connectivity and emerging mobile money systems to provide low-cost financing for off-grid energy. The general principle is that end-users make ongoing payments for the system instead of paying cash up front, with confirmation of the payments … Read More

Quality Assurance for Off-Grid Solar Powered Lights:

The market for off-grid solar powered lights has expanded rapidly in recent years. Cumulative global sales over the past five years exceed 8 million units, and sales have grown at annual rates exceeding 100%. This has been driven by improvements in technology, reductions in manufacturing costs and the great demand for access to modern lighting. … Read More

Framework for Testing Product Component Families

Recently, Lighting Global has observed an increasing trend in manufacturers selling “product families”—a set of interchangeable components sold on a component-level basis or as “mix-and-match” kits. A benefit of selling products at the component-level is that users are able to tailor a complete system to their budget and lighting needs. In principle it is also … Read More

Communications and Branding Guidelines

This Information Sheet describes how partner organizations, Associate companies and contractors can present and refer to the World Bank Group’s lighting programs in their marketing communications tools and materials including websites, brochures, flyers, reports, posters, banners, etc. IFC and the World Bank support the Lighting Global, Lighting Africa, Lighting Asia, and Lighting Pacific programs which … Read More

Lighting Global Associate Services Offering

The Lighting Global program offers product quality testing services to manufacturers and distributors of off-grid lighting products and appliances. After testing a product, companies can opt in to become “Associates” in order to access a wide range of business and market development services offered by Lighting Global, and its regional affiliate programs, Lighting Africa and … Read More