Product Repair Part II: Manufacturer Best Practices

This new Eco Design Note continues a discussion about product repair, focusing on steps that manufacturers can take to enable and encourage the repair of their products. The Note identifies three elements that can assist in repair efforts. These include designing a product for repair, making replacement parts available to local repair shops, and publishing … Read More

Renewable Energy Product Repair Part I: Overview

This Eco Design Note examines the issue of product repair and highlights challenges and opportunities that exist in the formation of a viable repair market for renewable energy products. Potential benefits of repair for consumers and manufacturers are highlighted. This is the first part in a series of Notes on repair topics.

LED Lights and Eye Safety Part II: Blue light hazards

This Eco Design Note continues a discussion of safety issues related to LED lights and the consumers who use them. Part II explores in more detail blue light hazards for LEDs and incorporates additional safety testing procedures that have been published since the first Eco Design Safety Note. Some evaluation guidelines are provided for companies … Read More

Energy and Carbon Benefits of Pico-powered Lighting

The Eco Design Note reviews current research on the life cycle analysis of pico-powered lighting products and the reduction in climate warming emissions that occur when consumers switch from fuel based to electronic lighting. The results show substantial energy savings and significant reductions in climate warming emissions associated with solar powered lighting products.  

LED Lights and Eye Safety

This Eco Design Note examines safety issues related to LED lights and the consumers who use them. Specifically, it explores three basic questions: Can off grid LED lights be too bright, posing a hazard to people looking at them, Alternately can they be too dim,  adults and children who use inadequate lights to read and … Read More

Battery Toxicity and Eco Product Design

This is the first in a series of Eco Design Notes. It provides a comparison of the hazards associated with the types of batteries that are commonly used in off‐grid lighting products, as well as a summary of the potential to address these hazards through product design, proper disposal, and recycling.