Webinar Slides | Energy Access in Humanitarian Settings

Today, there are over 80 million forcibly displaced people (FDPs) globally due to conflict, and complex global challenges. Efficient and economic power supply plays a fundamental role in providing basic energy access for the most vulnerable, as well as stabilizing a well-functioning infrastructure system in FDP camps. The need for innovative energy solutions to support … Read More

Webinar Slides | Quality Assurance for Modern Solar Solutions: Q&A with VeraSol

VeraSol builds upon the strong foundation laid by Lighting Global. The program offers the same quality assurance services previously offered by Lighting Global Quality Assurance. To better serve consumers, companies, and markets, the VeraSol now encompasses technical foundations for appliances and hopes to expand quality assurance services for these products in the coming years. Slides … Read More

Life-Cycle Energy Benefits from Off-Grid Lighting

Peter Alstone and Patricia Lai presentation made at the Sustainability Session of the 3rd International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Trade Fair, November 12, 2012. Addresses the question: “Does off-grid lighting “pay” its energy and carbon debt from manufacturing?”.  

3rd International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Trade Fair, Dakar, Senegal 2012

Held November 13-15, 2012, in Dakar, Senegal, Lighting Africa’s third International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Trade Fair reinforced its position as the premier global event on lighting and energy access. At the event more than 400 off-grid lighting stakeholders and over 40 exhibitors met to discuss and showcase the latest developments in off-grid lighting technologies … Read More

Lighting Africa 2010 Conference Report

Held May 18-20, 2010, in Nairobi, Kenya, Lighting Africa’s 2nd International Business Conference and Trade Fair maintained its reputation as the premier event in promoting low cost, high quality off-grid lighting products and services in Sub Saharan Africa—with a target of low income populations. The first Lighting Africa Conference and Trade Fair was held in … Read More