REPORT: The Syrian Refugee Crisis and Energy Access

Worldwide, there is a growing importance to support the energy access needs of forcibly displaced persons. During humanitarian crises, energy access is often considered a lower priority when compared to the basic human needs of nutrition, health, education, etc. Further, empowering a marketplace for refugees strengthen self-determination and enables the development of economies and an … Read More

STUDY: The Impacts of Solar Lanterns on Rural Indian Households

A new study, undertaken by IFC’s Lighting Asia/India Program in partnership with d.light evaluates the impact of solar lanterns on households’ economic, health, and educational parameters in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar India. Read the report.

Lighting Asia launches PAYGO in Afghanistan

NEW SOLAR PLATFORM IN AFGHANISTAN PROMISES ELECTRIFICATION FOR RURAL AND OFFGRID COMMUNITIES     Lighting Afghanistan, an energy initiative of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), introduced the first Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) platform for solar home systems in Afghanistan in collaboration with The Afghan Wireless Communications Company (AWCC), GSMA, and d.Light. This off-grid energy platform promises to … Read More

Off-Grid Energy Has Key Role in Kenya’s New Electrification Strategy

Off-Grid energy’s tremendous impacts – and potential for more – have been recognized in the newly launched (December 2018) Kenya National Electrification Strategy (KNES). KNES lays out a strategy for achieving universal electricity access for all Kenyans by 2022, which includes grid extension as well as off-grid solutions. The strategy, which was prepared with support … Read More

REPORT | Togo Market Assessment

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) commissioned a new study to assess off-grid energy market in Togo, focused on solar lanterns and solar home systems, providing public and private sector actors with an up-to-date overview of insights and trends. This market research comes on the heels of IFC support to the Togolese government’s National Electrification Strategy prioritizing private … Read More


JOIN US for a PAYGo PERFORM webinar Thursday, 13 December 2018 7-8am EST/1pm CET/3pm EAT A rapidly growing number of low-income customers around the world are gaining access to solar home systems (SHS) and other solar-powered appliances through pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) financing. PAYGo jointly addresses the challenges of energy access and financial inclusion for the more than … Read More

Revised Standards for Pico-PV Products

As announced earlier this year, all pico-PV products that start testing after 1 December 2018 will be held to revised Quality Standards that include requirements for ports and circuit protection. These requirements have been in place for SHS kits and will now be applied to pico-PV products. The revised standards will now be aligned with the latest … Read More

EVENT | India Distributed Energy Forum

Join Lighting Asia/India in New Delhi for the India Distributed Energy Forum & Expo. Jointly organized with GOGLA and Ashden India Collective, the conference will take place in New Delhi from 30-31 January 2019. These two days provide a platform for the India Distributed Energy community’s efforts to chart the business-driven route to improved energy access to reach the 33 million Indian households … Read More

De-risking Humanitarian Investments

Mercy Corps announced earlier this month that it will consider only Lighting Global Quality Verified (QV) products when it procures standalone solar energy systems for its non U.S. based clients. With this decision, Mercy Corps joins the many institutions around the world that rely on Lighting Global’s quality verification process to help them identify products … Read More

Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report (January – June 2018)

Every six months, Lighting Global and GOGLA  publish the Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report. The market intelligence series is based on sales data collected from GOGLA members and Lighting Global associates. The global market share of these affiliates is around 30% for pico products (<11 Wp) and 60-80% for larger systems. January – June 2018 … Read More