Discounts offered on key IEC documents for rural electrification

The Lighting Global Quality Assurance framework — including the QTM (Quality Test Method), ISM (Initial Screening Method), and MCM (Market Check Method) —was institutionalized through the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) as Technical Specification IEC/TS 62257-9-5 ed2.0 (more information on the IEC/TS 62257 series can be found here). Funding support for institutionalizing the quality assurance framework through … Read More

Portable Solar Lamp Passes Quality Tests

An award-winning portable solar lamp, the SUNLITE JS30-MOB, has been successfully tested and meets the rigorous Lighting Global Quality Standards. The lamp is the product of a socially driven manufacturer, India Impex (SUNLITE), which joins a growing number of companies committed to developing and marketing high quality lighting products for families in Africa and Asia … Read More

Details of water IP requirement for PV junction boxes coming soon

The Lighting Global team is finalizing the test methods to extend the water ingress protection (IP) requirement to PV module junction boxes. We plan to release these new methods within the coming month and will provide manufacturers with a 3-month grace period from the date of release to comply with the new IP requirement. All … Read More

New Quality Standards Become Effective on January 1, 2014

The updated Lighting Global Quality Standards for off-grid lighting products go into effect on January 1, 2014. However, existing products tested under the current standards will retain their “passed” status until their test results expire. The Quality Standards for LED-based off-grid lighting products have been updated with major changes in recent months in response to … Read More

Impact of UV and Heat on Pico-Powered Lights

Lighting Global has published Technical Note Issue 15: “Protection from the Elements Part IV: Radiation Exposure.” The article concludes our four part series examining the environmental durability of pico-powered lighting products. It describes the effects of sunlight exposure on plastic housings and wiring of pico-powered lighting products and includes information on ultraviolet (UV) light damage … Read More

Schneider Electric Brings Fourth Solar Lighting Product to Market

Schneider Electric has successfully tested a fourth solar lighting product which after a day of solar charging, provides bright lighting for up to 13 hours daily. This light, the In-Diya 2 LED Solar Home Lighting System, boasts the longest run time of the four Schneider Electric off-grid lighting products so far tested by Lighting Global. … Read More

Quality Standards now Updated

The Lighting Global team has updated the Quality Standards to encourage the production of higher quality and safer products to better protect consumers. These updates include improvements to the lumen maintenance criteria, inclusion of a battery durability test, a ban on batteries containing cadmium or mercury, a requirement that all PV modules be protected from … Read More

Preventing Electronic Corrosion in Solar Lights

Lighting Global has published the 14th issue of the Technical Briefing Notes titled “Protection from the Elements Part III: Corrosion of Electronics“. This is the third article in a four-part series examining the environmental durability of pico-powered lighting products. The article describes the chemical processes and environmental mechanisms of electronic corrosion in a solar lighting … Read More

Help Define the Future of Lighting Africa

For the past five years, the Lighting Africa program has been working to develop markets for affordable off-grid lighting in Africa. We are now looking to expand the program to another four countries. As a member of the off-grid lighting community, we value your feedback that will inform the design and shape of the next … Read More

Two new portable solar lights meet quality standards

Two new solar lighting products have passed the rigorous Lighting Global quality tests and meet the recommended performance targets. The new entrants will increase the market share of high performing quality-verified lighting products retailing in Africa. The just released Lighting Africa Market Trends Report 2012 shows that more and more manufacturers are now bringing to market … Read More