Niwa – Next Energy Products Releases Family of Modular Solar Systems

Niwa Solar has released a new line of modular systems, which includes the Office 200 X2, the Home Run 400 X3, and 15 additional systems made up of components in the MSS – Modular Solar Systems product family.  The modular design of these systems allows customers to upgrade to add new lights, batteries and solar … Read More

China’s SMQ Lab Joins Lighting Global Quality Testing Network

China’s Shenzhen Academy of Metrology and Quality Inspection (SMQ) has joined the Lighting Global quality assurance laboratory network which upholds quality in the off-grid lighting market. SMQ becomes the 6th laboratory supporting the market development work of the IFC-World Bank energy access program, Lighting Global. Lighting Global’s quality assurance work is coordinated from the Schatz … Read More

Seeking Stakeholder Feedback on Draft Performance Reporting Requirements

Lighting Global is seeking feedback on a new policy that presents requirements and guidelines for reporting performance metrics on product packaging. The policy is intended to ensure that all those making purchasing decisions in the market have access to the necessary information to make well-informed decisions. The performance reporting requirements will be included as part … Read More

Basics of Integrating Sphere Measurement

Lighting Global has published the latest in its Technical Note series titled “Integrating Sphere Measurement Part I: Basics”. This issue will be tackled in a three part series examining the proper maintenance and use of integrating sphere light measurement systems. The first Note is an overview of basic sphere theory, operation, and equipment. An integrating … Read More

SolarWorks! releases new Solar Kit Lithium

SolarWorks! newest product, the Solar Kit Lithium,was recently tested, and met the Lighting Global Quality Standards.This portable solar light offers three brightness levels and a USB cable with connectors for charging up to 10 different mobile phones or other devices.  The Solar Kit Lithium provides over 7 hours of bright light after a single day of … Read More

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Solar Lights Quality-Verified

Lighting Global has developed a step-by-step guide to the process and options for quality verification of modern solar lighting products in accordance with the IEC Technical Specification 62257-9-5. The step-by-step guide is presented in the form of an easy-to-follow flow chart that provides details for the entire quality verification process – from initial engagement with … Read More

Changes to Battery Durability Test Thresholds in Quality Standards

The Battery Durability Storage Test is critical for ensuring the use of high quality batteries. However, on review of the standards used in development of the test method and an assessment of initial results from product testing, the Lighting Global quality assurance team has decided to revise the passing thresholds to more closely align with … Read More

Japanese Battery Maker Ventures into Off-Grid Solar Lighting Products

Respected Japanese battery manufacturer, GS Yuasa International Ltd, has ventured into the off-grid lighting sector producing two solar lighting products that have both meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards. Thetwo new solar lighting products in their diversified product offerings are the Mini Moshi-Moshi and the AKARi Solar Light. The Mini Moshi-Moshi has one LED light which provides … Read More