IFC’s Lighting Afghanistan Program Launches Successfully in Kabul

Omnivoltaic Energy Solutions, a Lighting Global Associate, is a manufacturer of quality verified solar lanterns and solar home systems. The company signed an agreement with Lighting Afghanistan for support in entering the Afghan market for distribution and financing of their products. In partnership with distributor ETC of Kabul, Omnivoltaic has successfully started distributing and financing … Read More

White Paper: Unlocking Commercial Finance for the Off-Grid Solar PAYG Industry

Last year, a team representing Lighting Global, GOGLA and Data Consultancy Impact Lab was awarded the Finance for Resilience Award at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in New York. Aiming to help unlock commercial finance for the pay-as-you-go industry globally, the team set out to develop harmonized metrics, data sharing and benchmarking for the … Read More

Building Awareness is Critical to Building Markets

In a recent Power for All survey of leading decentralized renewable energy (DRE) companies (stay tuned for full results in March), marketing campaigns were pinpointed as “crucial for raising awareness about the benefits” of DRE—with the majority of respondents ranking them first in importance for effective market building programs. In line with both research on … Read More

Power for All Interviews Praveen Kumar of Lighting India on How Best to Run Last Mile Consumer Education Campaigns

How do you educate last mile consumers in India about new technologies? Visit 9,000 villages and engage over 200,000 people. With only 54 percent of India’s rural population exposed to television and radio, the IFC’s Lighting Asia team in India realized that they would need to take a creative approach to raising awareness about decentralized solar … Read More

Case Study: Women Entrepreneurs Light the Way for Solar Products in India

Building markets for solar lighting, particularly among a widely distributed, low-income customer base, requires technical and business-model innovation. IFC’s Lighting Asia/India program accomplished both by partnering with solar distributors in India, such as Frontier Markets, to develop a network of women entrepreneurs known as Solar Sahelis. This network helped to overcome the cost and awareness … Read More

Lighting Pakistan: Photo Stories of Impact

Kubra Khaliq, Qutub Ali Shah, Imran Khan, and Muhammad Ali are all harnessing solar lighting products to brighten their households at night and grow their businesses by operating after dark. Read their stories by clicking on their names and learn more about the Lighting Pakistan program.

d.light Secures Additional US$10.5M in Funding for Off-Grid Solutions

Off-grid solar solution manufacturer and Lighting Global Program Associate d.light has raised an additional USD 10.5 million in funding to expand its operations in Africa and Asia, which brings the company’s total to an impressive USD 40 million in just four months. Click here to learn more. Source: pv magazine

Bloomberg Off-Grid & Mini-Grid Q1 2017 Market Outlook

In its inaugural market outlook report focusing on off-grid and mini-grids, Bloomberg heavily references the latest GOGLA-IFC Global Off-Grid Solar Semi-Annual Market Report, which found that more than 4M off-grid solar products were sold in the first half of 2016. Click here to learn more. Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

New World Bank Tool Helps Map Solar Potential

The World Bank, in partnership with the International Solar Alliance (ISA), launched the Global Solar Atlas, a free, web-based tool to help investors and policymakers identify potential sites for solar power generation virtually anywhere in the world, at the click of a button. The tool displays annual average solar power potential, and has the capacity to … Read More