Lighting Global Releases a New Eco Design Note

The Lighting Global team has released a new Eco Design Note on the subject of product repair. Eco Design Note Issue 6 “Renewable Energy Product Repair Part I: Overview” reviews the opportunities and challenges associated with the development of a repair market for this unique class of consumer electronic devices. There are several benefits of … Read More

IFC And CLASP Announce New Partnership To Sustain Quality Standards For Consumers In Off-Grid Solar Markets

In Washington, D.C., USA: Rahim Kanani Lighting Global Phone: (202) 437-8941 E-mail: In Washington, D.C., USA: Allison Kimble CLASP Phone: (202) 750-5124 E-mail: In Utrecht, Netherlands: Darragh Cotter GOGLA Phone: +31 630567476 E-mail: IFC and CLASP Announce New Partnership to Sustain Quality Standards for Consumers in Off-Grid Solar Markets Washington D.C., USA … Read More

Register For The International Forum & 11th New Energy Technology Annual Conference At SMQ: 17 November 10 AM – 5 PM

Shenzhen Academy of Metrology & Quality Inspection (SMQ) and the Lighting Global Quality Assurance Team are partnering to offer the Lighting Global International Forum & 11th New Energy Technology Annual Conference. The conference aims to promote science and technology exchanges and cooperation in the energy sector, widely extend and develop the experience of global technology … Read More

New GOGLA-IFC Report Finds Over 4 Million Off-Grid Solar Products Sold In First Half Of 2016, Dynamic Global Growth Continues

USA/Netherlands, October 14, 2016 – Today, Lighting Global, the World Bank Group’s platform to support sustainable growth of the international off-grid solar market, and GOGLA, the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association, launched the latest Global Off-Grid Solar Semi-Annual Market Report, which includes performance data from 50 companies and covers the period of January to June 2016. … Read More

India Energy Access Summit Off-Grid Networking Event On 12 August 2016

Save the Date Off-Grid Industry Networking Event Hosted by: The Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) & Clean Energy Access Network (CLEAN) In partnership with: The US-India Promoting Energy Access through Clean Energy (PEACE) initiative & the International Finance Corporation Lighting Asia WHO? Appliance Manufacturers Off-Grid Solar Home System (SHS) Manufacturers & Distributors … Read More

Battery Testing For Off-Grid Solar Products

Lighting Global has published Technical Note Issue 23, “Battery Testing for Off-grid Solar Products”. The Note discusses issues related to the service life of batteries in solar products with a focus on Lighting Global’s battery testing policy. Battery failure mechanisms are briefly outlined along with a selection of battery testing procedures that Lighting Global has … Read More

Integrating Sphere Measurement Part III

Lighting Global has published Technical Note Issue 22, “Integrating Sphere Measurement Part III: Equipment”. This is the final Note in a three part series covering the proper testing equipment and techniques for LED lighting systems. The series is intended as a technical reference and staff teaching aid for laboratories involved in testing pico-powered lighting systems. … Read More

Minor Updates to the Quality Standards

The Lighting Global Quality Assurance team has made some additional updates to the Quality Standards for Pico-PV and the Quality Standards for SHS Kits. These updates do not represent a change in Lighting Global practices, but are only meant to clarify and officially document existing practices. The revised version of the Standards are available here … Read More