Lighting Global Quality Assurance in brief

Lighting Global Quality Assurance (fact sheet)

Quality Standards for Off-Grid Solar Products

Technical Notes Issue 25: Benefits of Harmonizing Test Methods and Quality Standards

Pre-Shipment Conformity Assessment for Pico-PV Products

National Standards Programs for Off-Grid Solar Products – The Role of Product Testing

GOGLA’s Providing Energy Access through Off-Grid Solar: Guidance for Governments 

Technical Notes Issue 20: Procurement of Off-Grid Lighting Products – Guidance for Aid Organizations and Governments

Quality Assurance for Off-Grid Solar Powered Lights: Brief Guide for Institutional Buyers

Pico-PV Quality Standards

Solar Home System Kit Quality Standards

Presentation Slides

LG QA Training Workshop Agenda

  1. Opening
  2. Lighting Global Program Background
  3. Quality Standards & Test Methods
  4. All About Lighting Global Quality Assurance
  5. The Role of Standards and Labelling Programs
  6. Steps to Adopting, Implementing and Revising National Standards
  7. Best Practice for Standards Development and Implementation
  8. Ensuring Compliance for Off-Grid Lighting Products
  9. The PVoC Process Explained
  10. The Kenyan Compliance Experience
  11. Best Practice for Product Testing




Other Resources

Debrief – December 13, 2017